• I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service. I have tried every trade signal service in the world I think and the problem is that all of them show inaccurate results, they show results of what it WOULD have been with varying scenarios. But you send out in real time when you open, close, or modify the trade in any way providing REAL true accurate trade calls with real accurate performance results. Thank you my friend, great job! I hope your around for a long time!!!

    James Lord, United Kingdom

  • I started trading forex few months back and had ups and downs. Eventually I felt that I was losing more than gaining, so before I lost all of my initial investment I thought I should find some help. Then I found www.globalfxclub.com which not only gives you some unique trading alerts but also the technical background behind them. I have seen so many signal providers, but when you check their past performance you will see that their losses are high. But with Global FX Club and their system, you will see some losing trades, but the pips you lost are likely to be very small compared to their gains. This impressed me a lot. Also their monthly charge is so reasonable where you will be able to cover with just one trade. Most interesting thing is their online support over Skype. I can’t believe it you can ask any question any time regardless of your time zone. They reply to you within seconds! You can ask any question related to current developments, trades, technical setups and so on. Again, you will get the reply in seconds! That’s something invaluable. I strongly recommend their service for anyone having issues with their trades.

    V. Sherman, Australia

  • As a new member of Global FX Club, I have been extremely impressed with the service , especially in the strategies they have adopted as they are simple to follow , but more so the trade management once entered in particular trades . Letting winners run and cutting losses early are something’s they do exceptionally well.

    I also have to say that the twitter service and prompt notification of trades on skype and email are also fantastic. For any traders (especially those new to forex trading ) the service is one they would be crazy not to try.

    K. Anastasiou, Australia

  • As an experienced trader I’m always seeking an edge and more tools for my trading arsenal. Since signing up for the Global FX Club service, my trading account has shown more consistent growth as the trading insights and education offered has helped me stay on the right side of the market more often. The member trading signals themselves are worth several times the price of admission, but more importantly the value provided by the team in terms of education will equip both new and experienced traders to be successful in the market.

    G. Lim, Australia

  • Been with Global FX Club now for coming up 3 months and this is the first service / mentorship I have paid for in 3 years of trading. I was looking for a mentor rather than a trade alert service so I could develop my current trading strategies and incorporate the team’s trading into mine.

    I have been more than impressed with his non stop help and advice so far, and their reasoning behind his trades is extremely concise and clear. They are always on Skype. I mean always! The team does not sleep, and he is always happy to help and give you advice, and thinks nothing of calling you for an hour to chat and go through questions.

    I have and would continue to recommend this service to anyone looking to take their trading to the next level and start bringing in more pips.

    N. Reeves, United Kingdom

  • I have to agree with the other testimonials that the team never sleeps! One thing I really like about the service is the trade alerts/updates via email, Twitter, and Skype. This helps me out a lot because I am currently a part time trader. I also like how he makes himself available to answer questions and doesn’t belittle you for having questions.

    Global FX Club have some of the most humble traders I have talked to. They reminds us constantly of how important it is to respect the market. I joined in January (2012) and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with trade planning and execution. We are taught that we shouldn’t chase the market and that the trade exit is just as important, if not more important, than the entry. With the team, most of the trades that I’ve seen have had a reward to risk ratio of at least 3:1.  They also believes strongly in preserving capital by moving stops to break-even or better once the trade has moved in our favor by a decent amount.

    Another thing that I really like about this service is that every trade that is sent out via alerts is posted on the performance page. There are no smoke and mirrors. If your account is taking a beating in the markets then you owe it to yourself to make the investment and join the team. So, before you pull the trigger on your next trade, ask yourself…”Am I trading Wright?

    P. Rogers, United States

  • I am a fairly inexperienced trader and was horrified watching my trading account disappear fast. A friend recommended I look up Global FX Club and I have been impressed with the webinars and the thought process behind trade set ups as a great learning tool. I have learned to be patient and wait for my entry levels. There is always someone there to answer any questions on Skype and Michael is constantly improving services available to members on his website. Every trader needs a mentor and I would highly recommend Global FX Club, especially to any new trader to help grow trading skills and set the best trading mentality.

    K. Johnston, Australia

  • Since signing up with Global FX Club, I have personally grown as a professional trader. In all things, the best performers in the world have mentors and there is no need to rewrite the script. The mentor ship alone is invaluable. I also appreciate the humbleness of the team with straightforward analysis and constant communication. The truth is I wish that I knew about it sooner. I look forward to learning, growing and sharing more in the immediate future. Happy Trading!

    A. Pickett, United States

  • Over the course of my six year Forex trading experience I have found the resources available to the trader to be vast, contradictory and confusing. With Global FX Club I not only have a clear path to consistently profitable trading, but an educational component that shows how Moving Averages, Elliot Wave and Ichimoku Cloud analysis combine to greatly reduce risk and increase reward. If one considers the number of positive pips/month versus the monthly fee (for the past seven months), Global FX Club has shown outstanding value.

    F. Brooke, United States

  • Since coming on board with Global FX Club the knowledge I have gained to date has been invaluable. Not only do you get expert information on charting, set ups and trading in general but they have also proven to be winners in terms of choosing trades. For the cost involved I would not hesitate to recommend this service to new and experienced traders alike. With proper diligence and risk management you should be able to enjoy successful currency trading in partnership with Global FX Club.

    D. Clews, Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Wright almost never sleeps! I’ve been with Global FX Club for a few months now and they are constantly on Skype answering my many questions. There’s also a member alert via twitter but for the fastest update, I suggest you have Skype on when you are trading. Wright deploy on a longer time frame especially the 4hrs and daily which gives a clearer picture of the market. Their combo of EW, MA and Ichimoku Cloud TA are spot on and easy to follow. The charts and analysis are simple to comprehend with no overcrowding indicators, and it allows me to get in and exit at the same price as the recommendation. You can be more profitable than me if you can scale your positions to protect the profits. It is impossible for me to keep track of the market continuously as I am not a full time trader. As such, the daily Market Wrap-Up and Outlook provides me with a good lead as to what is going on, topping that off with timely Skype call and email alerts allows me to adjust my stops with ease. My subscription with them is already paying off, Wright is doing it Right! There’s definitely more in-store for subscribers and I am constantly seeing improvement to the contents they are providing after subscribing. I am definitely looking forward to the chat room where traders can share and build a fun and stress free trading community with Wright Time Capital Group.

    B. Jsung, Singapore

  • I have been working in the Forex industry since 2005 and have seen mostly every signal service and EA imaginable and I can honestly say Global FX Club is by far the BEST!! They work what seems like 24 hours a day 7 days a week for their clients. I have been with Global FX Club for 2 quarters and have literally NEVER TRADED BETTER! They have helped my personal trading 10 fold.

    I have 7 years of Forex experience and like to consider myself having expert knowledge about finance and Forex, but could just never become the trader I wanted to be, until now. This is not your average signal or trading service. Global FX Club goes out of their way to TEACH and WORK with their clients. They do not just provide signals, the teach and mentor. The tools and services they provide are second to none! I have learned so much in the past 3 months by watching the many weekly webinars Wright Time Investments provides and speaking with them via Skype. The signals are also the FASTEST I have seen. The signals come to you, the moment they place trades themselves via Google+, Skype and email.

    I really cannot say enough good things about Global FX Club. I think every Forex trader would benefit a great deal from this service.

    Brian G., United States